S1:E7 | From Passion Project To Fulltime Gig

S1:E7 | From Passion Project To Fulltime Gig

TDMP 7 | Passion Project


On to today’s episode…

“What is it I love doing?” …

“What makes me most fulfilled?” …

These are important questions. The answers can give you a strong indication of what your purpose in life is and the career path you should take. But what if you have a job you hate and you feel stuck, but at least it pays the bills and gives you financial stability? Even so, you can’t wait to leave. You’re asking yourself, “How do I get out of this vicious cycle?”

In today’s episode of the Destiny Malibu Podcast (LINK), Destiny has a suggestion. If you follow her advice, you’ll reach your goal. You’ll replace that job you hate with one you love. It won’t be right way, but you’ll get there!

As you listen, you’ll discover…

  • An “uncomfortable truth” about living out your purpose
  • What to do if you don’t feel you’re in a place to focus on what you love
  • What Destiny wants ALL of us to strive for

So what is Destiny’s advice for you? Listen Now!

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From Passion Project To Fulltime Gig

What is it that I love doing and makes me feel most fulfilled? For another group of people, I’d say you have those people who maybe stepped into a career that they don’t love. They’re asking themselves, “How do I get out of this cycle? How do I get out of this cycle of spending most of my time doing something I don’t love?” My suggestion to that group of people would be, even if you are in a career now that you don’t love but you know it’s financially the best choice. You can set aside time each week, even if it’s just an hour to focus and put some time into that passion project that you have swept aside.

Even if it were to take you ten years, for example. If fitness is something that you’re passionate about, if you even were to spend one hour each week dedicating that time to your passion, it might take ten years but in ten years, you might be able to now take that passion project and make it your full-time gig. That’s the goal for all of us. Being in line with your purpose doesn’t have to happen overnight.

No, it takes a lot of hard work. You have to work toward your purpose. It doesn’t just happen.

Even if you’re feeling a little discouraged now and you feel like, “I’m not in a place financially or situationally where I can focus on what I love.” I challenge you to set even an hour aside each week to work on your passion project because not only is that going to fill up your soul but if you keep working on that over time with the goal and intention of, “I want this to hopefully become my full-time gig one day.” That is going to give you so much hope for life and bring so much joy even into the job that you don’t like because you’re filling up your soul with your passions.

We have another group of people who are lucky and passionate about what they do and they have had the opportunity to do what they love. I’m so happy for those people. Good for you folks and that’s the goal that I want all of us to strive for. All of us deserve to be happy. All of us deserve to do what we are most passionate about. All of us have unique gifts and talents. I challenge you, if you don’t know yet what your unique gift and talent are, explore that.

All of us deserve to be happy. All of us deserve to do what we are most passionate about. Share on X

There are so many things out there to explore and to try, whether it’s art, math and science. All the subjects in school, there are different careers in each of those things of history, reading and stars and all that stuff. There’s so much out there that if you take the time to learn what options are, make a list. Be like, “I like this one. I like this one. I want to like this,” and try those different things on that list.

Try it all out. You might be an incredible juggler and you never knew. You might bring joy to tons of people juggling. It doesn’t have to be like you have to be an Olympic swimmer, even though that’s incredible. If that’s your gift, that’s amazing but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to feel like you don’t have a purpose because I promise you, you do.

Again, the purpose that we all strive for is to love one another and be there for each other. Whether it’s being a mother, a father, a sister, a brother and a friend. All those things are part of your purpose.

Every single one of those things is equally significant. If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you’re raising the future generation. That’s an incredible job. If you’re a doctor or a firefighter, you’re saving lives. That’s an incredible thing. If you are a dad or a husband out there and you are going out of your way to provide for your family, that’s incredible. That’s beautiful. Thank you so much to all of our militaries out there.

Thank you for your service.

Thank you so much for your service. We love you and appreciate you. Every single day, you put your life on the line for strangers in this country and that’s incredibly appreciated and beautiful. That’s a beautiful purpose. Purpose and fulfilling your purpose take many different forms and have many different faces.

Each of us is a unique individual with unique talents and unique gifts. I want to encourage you folks to go after what it is in life that makes you passionate because that version of you, that passionate version of you, that is going to be the most invigorating, magnetic and inspiring version of you to exist. We love you folks so much and we are so thankful that you’ve been hanging out with us on the Destiny Malibu show.

If you have any questions that you may want to ask, you can go to Ask@DestinyMalibu.com and you can submit your questions and we hope to answer those questions in some of our future episodes.

Send us a message and tell us what your purpose is. Leave a comment and send us a DM. I would love to hear what it is that makes you folks feel alive and the perfect time to play my song, I Feel Alive. If you haven’t heard it yet, go check it out. We love you folks so much. Thank you for hanging out with us and we will see you on the next episode.

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This Is An Important Decision. Choose Wisely!

I think at this point, my ultimate goal is to have a family and help my family figure out what their purpose is, my kids, and help my husband one day with his purpose.

To clarify, she doesn’t have kids. She’s talking about future kids.

I did say that, right? Future?

You said, “To help my kids.”

Future children.

Neither of us has children or married, husbands or boyfriends. Slide into those DMs. Everyone has an opportunity to discover what their purpose is and what they’re passionate about at any point in their life. I think that purpose can be different at different stages of your life. Your purpose can change. For the athletes out there, maybe your purpose for a long time was being an athlete and then you move into a new phase of life. Maybe you take on a different career, you get married, or different things happen.

Everyone has an opportunity to discover what their purpose is and what they're passionate about at any point in their life. Share on X

We have the beautiful opportunity at every stage of life to share our gifts with the upcoming generation, share our gifts and reinvent ourselves at any moment. You are never stuck in one place. You have the opportunity at any given moment to say, “This has been a fun stage in my life, but now I’m going to move on to this stage and I want to try this.” All of those different stages you go through are so pivotal for self-development and figuring out who you are.

Something I want to touch on too is I’d say that there are probably about three different groups of people. In my mind, I’d say that one of those groups would be the kids in high school or in college who are just about to step out into the world and choose what career path they’re going to take. I want to point out that I don’t think a career is necessarily your end-all purpose, but I will say that choosing your career and what you want to do and making sure it’s something you’re passionate about is important. Whatever your career ends up being is typically what the average person will spend most of their life doing.

If you’re a doctor, a singer, a nurse, an athlete, or a teacher, that’s going to take up the majority of your time in life. You want to make sure that you’re choosing something that you’re passionate about because if you’re passionate about it, you’re helping others and you’re giving back to your community, that is an essential part of fulfilling your purpose.

One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Carrey. He told a story at a graduation speech talking about how his dad pursued a safe career. That was something he was not very passionate about and it didn’t end up working out for him. Jim Carrey saw this and he decided, “If my dad cannot succeed at something that he didn’t like, then I want to take the risk and try to succeed at something that I love because you could lose or win either way.”

His quote was, “If you can fail at what you don’t like, you might as well take a risk on doing what you love.” I think that that is so beautifully said and that’s so important for all of the high school and college students who are stepping into this new kind of scary phase of, “What is my contribution to the world going to be? What is my legacy going to be?” Take the time to explore that and figure out what it is that makes you passionate. You might try 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. You might change majors five times. If you don’t go to college, you might try five different jobs. That’s totally fine. You want to find what is it that I love doing and that makes me feel most fulfilled.

S1:E5 | Without This Important Pillar, Your Mental Health Will Suffer

S1:E5 | Without This Important Pillar, Your Mental Health Will Suffer

TDMP 5 | Finding Your Purpose


On to today’s episode…

What is your purpose? How do you find it? How do you live it out? These are heavy questions, right? But they’re also important. For one thing, finding and living out your purpose in your life is a critical pillar of having good mental health.

If this idea intrigues you, if you want to do a “deep dive” into it, you owe it to yourself to listen to today’s episode of the Destiny Malibu Podcast. Destiny tells the story of how she discovered her purpose at a very young age. She also talks about a special honor she received in high school that still matters to her today.

And if you haven’t discovered your purpose yet, or you have, but you feel it’s not as impressive as someone else’s purpose, she has something reassuring and comforting to tell you.

Listen to the podcast here


Without This Important Pillar, Your Mental Health Will Suffer

What’s going on, everybody?

We’re happy you could join us again.

We are happy you guys are back. We are going to be talking about 1 of the 7 pillars of mental health and the pillar that we are going to be discussing is purpose.

What is your purpose? What is my purpose? Let’s figure it out together.

The best way to discover what your purpose is, is to ask yourself, “What am I most passionate about?” I feel lucky that when I was little, I knew at a very young age that I wanted to pursue music, and everybody discovers their purpose at different points in life. That’s a great point that some people might know when they’re young, some people might discover what their purpose is in college, and some people might discover their purpose when they’re 50 or even 60 or 70 sometimes.

It is never too late to figure out what it is that you want to do with your life and to pursue what you are most passionate about. When Dez and I were little, we grew up around our mom in the studio all the time. Dez and I fell in love with music at a very young age. The first time that I was ever in a recording studio, or the first time that I remember recording something, I was five years old.

It is never too late to figure out what it is that you want to do with your life and to pursue what you are most passionate about. Share on X

It was the Pledge of Allegiance.

It was at the beginning of a song that her mom did for a 9/11 tribute. I got to do the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of this song that she wrote and that was special. When I was about nine years old, I wrote my first ever song on guitar. That was the first time that at five, I was still like, “The music, this is fun,” but at nine, when I wrote my first song, I was like, “I want to do this forever. If there’s a way that I could do this and write songs for the rest of my life, that’s what I want to do.” Throughout Dezzee and my school years, we entered talent shows.

We were in choir and I feel so honored that at Malibu High I was voted most musical, which I was shocked about because I was on independent study. I remember I came back to school for an assignment or something, and they’re like, “You were voted most musical.” I was like, “No way.” I wasn’t on campus during my senior year. That was special. From a young age, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to be an artist and I feel so lucky and blessed that I’ve been able to pursue that. Everybody can discover their purpose at different times in life.

For me, I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was an adult and I realized I don’t do well with shots for animals because things can go wrong. I passed out, so I decided, “Probably not the best route for me.”

A big part of the journey of discovering what your passion is, is trial and error. It’s exploring as many different avenues as possible to figure out what it is that makes you tick. What is it that lights up your soul and brings out this passionate, beautiful version of yourself? The version of yourself that is most passionate about something is usually a hint that that’s the direction you should go for figuring out what your purpose in life is. Justin Bieber has an album called Purpose. I feel like he’s probably an expert on this subject, JB, and Hailey too. I’m obsessed with Hailey. If you guys ever want to come on the show that would make my life. I would probably start crying, but I can keep it together. I can be cool.

Speaking of Justin Bieber. Justin, when you were first on the scene on YouTube, Destiny had you on her computer screen.

Justin was my computer screen saver.

As it was for many girls. Our big brother, Jonathan, would come in and be like, “Why is he on your computer screen?

He’s a hater. Sorry, JB, but we love you, and we love Hailey. She’s the best. A funny side note, I love that album. It’s an amazing album. It is so important to explore different hobbies and things to figure out what it is you like. I’ve talked to some people about this before. I remember I had a conversation one time, and we were at a yacht party. That was pretty cool. One of the guests there, he and I were having a conversation about life, and somehow, I always end up in those conversations with people, “What is your purpose? How’s your emotional health?”

That’s because you’re a mental health advocate that’s why.

I like to dive right in and get straight to the meat. I remember he and I were debating because he was telling me that he doesn’t think that there’s any purpose to life. This is someone that I could tell was struggling because hope is one of the most important things to hold onto in any situation, especially with your mental health. Believing in the hope of purpose is also important because if you go around with this belief that you have no purpose, I feel like subconsciously that probably does affect your psyche and make you feel depressed. You’re like, “Why am I here? There’s no point to anything.”

Just roaming around.

Something I told him, a lot of times we have a tendency to overcomplicate purpose. Just because I love music and that’s the direction I want to go with my life, someone else’s purpose might be being an incredible mother, which is equally significant. Someone else’s purpose might be being a kind person and greeting people with love and kindness and saying, “Neighbor, how are you doing?” Someone else’s purpose might be serving at the local homeless shelter. There are many ways to find purpose in life, and sometimes people get stuck because they think that you need to have this grandiose direction.

Something that I want to add to that is that our purpose is to love one another. How are you absolutely going to love each other? By helping each other. That is what I like to do. I like to say my purpose is, I like to help in whatever way I can. I’ve done many different things in my life.

Dezzee and I make a great team because I’m more of a wear-my-heart-on-my-sleeve type of person. I pretty much lead with everything I do with emotion. That’s something that makes me a great artist and songwriter because I understand people. I have a great love for people. I’m not the most spatially aware person like, “I never know where I am.”

Don’t ask Destiny for directions.

That’s what Google’s for. We complement each other in that way because we have different strengths, but we’re aware of that and those strengths tie into our individual sense of purpose.