S1:E10 | Stop Repelling New Friends: Attract Good People Instead

S1:E10 | Stop Repelling New Friends: Attract Good People Instead

TDMP 10 | Attract Good People


On to today’s episode…

Do you ever go to a busy public place and just people watch? It’s pretty interesting, right?

It reminds us that we aren’t the only person on planet Earth. And that we’re social beings. We’re all yearning for a human connection.

And now that pandemic-related restrictions have eased up, it’s easier to get out and meet people.

Which is something Destiny really recommends you do. Why?

Because we all need to connect with other human beings. Socializing is an important pillar of mental health.

On today’s episode of The Destiny Malibu Podcast, Destiny gives you some valuable tips that can help you be more approachable and more successful at confidently putting yourself out there and making new friends.

She also gives you some ideas to help you stay safe as you go out and build your new, exciting social life.

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Stop Repelling New Friends: Attract Good People Instead

I love to people watch and sometimes, going out and being around people and realizing like, “I’m not Wall-E,” like, you go out and I’m like, “I’m not Wall-E. I’m not the only person on planet Earth.” There’s all of us out here. We’re all looking for human connection. We’re all trying to be the best versions of ourselves. There’s something extremely comforting about that. Now that restrictions have lightened up a little bit with the pandemic, we can get out there. We can explore, adventure, go and try something new. Aside from joining clubs or trying different hobbies is getting out of nature.

Get out of nature and go to the beach, go for a hike or go to the park.

You never know. Sometimes you can literally be at the beach by yourself, soaking up the sun or reading a book or at a park bench and meet somebody cool. It takes putting yourself out there and being open, having open body language, looking around, smiling at people and looking for an opportunity to make new friends.

Also, beware of creepers. Be careful.

Don’t talk to just anybody.

Trust your gut. If you ever feel any type of uncomfortable feeling with anybody, walk away immediately. Make sure it’s in a public place. Don’t go somewhere alone in the dark.

I know everybody’s different. Ideally, I would suggest not going on a hike all by yourself in the middle of nowhere.

Bring someone. You don’t want to be stuck out there for 72 hours.

Bring someone or a big dog at the very least. We want you angels to be safe out there, but in general, put yourself out there, be open, meet new people and that brings so much joy to life. Sometimes we can forget because we’re so focused on, “What am I doing? What are my goals? What am I focused on in my career? What I’ve got to do next?” Sometimes we forget to nurture this social part of our being that needs to be nurtured.

Even people who consider themselves introverts, who like to spend a lot of time alone, would benefit and do benefit from at least getting some social time. We want to encourage you to open up your social life. Open up your so social circle and make it bigger. You have your close-knit people, then you have your other people and it grows.

Whether it’s acquaintances, close friends, new relationships or best friends that you make, get out there and make sure that you are building your social life that is full of color and full of life and all kinds of different people to make your life feel fulfilled. I want these seven pillars for you folks to be something so important. We are going to be talking about more of them in the upcoming episodes but these seven pillars are so important that even I myself, who made these seven pillars, I was feeling down. I was like, “Why am I feeling so down? What’s going on?”

Make sure that you are building your social life that is full of color, full of life, and full of all kinds of different people to make your life feel fulfilled. Share on X

I took out my little notebook and looked at my little diagram. I thought, “Where am I falling short on this graph?” I realized for me it was on the vitamin section. We are going to be talking about more of these in the upcoming episodes. We want to make sure that you folks are coming back because this has been so helpful for my life and my mental health journey.

To this day, these seven pillars that we are teaching you and talking about is something that it’s so easy to forget one of these categories and go, “There’s no hope. I don’t know what I’m doing,” but we do have the opportunity with these pillars to look at them at any point of our life and ask ourselves, “Where could I improve? Which category could I improve in?” You will be shocked at how beneficial that is for your life. You can use this tool at any time.

Make sure you come back for the next episode and we hope that talking about social life and hopefully, you get some ideas and realize that we all go through loneliness and sometimes we need to expand our social circle.

Sometimes we need to get out there and give somebody a hug, have some direct eye contact. It is incredible what those simple things will do for our mental health. We love you so much and we are so thankful that you are hanging out with us and are part of the Angel Squad community. We want to say the Destiny Malibu mantra/motto. If you’re at home, make sure you are saying this with us and it is, “If you hate me, I love you. If you love me, I love you even more. You are not alone. We are in this together.”

If you have any questions for our upcoming episodes, you can go ahead and submit your questions to Ask@DestinyMalibu.com.

We want to hear from you. Let us know what’s going on in your lives, what different things you are struggling with, how your social life is going, how these pillars that we’ve talked about so far have helped you, we hope. We love you so much. We’re so thankful that we get to be online best friends. We love you and we will see you on the next episode.


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